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Factory planning in a compact space! You must route all packages to the correct exits by designing conveyor paths.

Boxes must keep moving! If a box's entry point gets too backed up, you will lose!

Space is limited! You'll have to be clever if you want to have a fully functional factory!


- Q: select basic conveyor belts (moves boxes in the indicated direction)
- W: select splitter conveyor belts (moves boxes in one of 2 directions)
- E: select bouncer conveyor belts (bounces boxes over one space)

- Left Click: place selected conveyor
- Right Click: delete conveyor at mouse

- Space: pause game (great for planning, you can still modify your factory while paused)
- Z: quick restart

Some Notes:

To create conveyors, click and hold on the grid space you want it, then drag in the direction it should point. It takes a little getting used to, but once you master it you can quickly create complex conveyor lines.

Deleting conveyors actually just marks them for deletion. Marked conveyors will be removed once there are no boxes on them.

Box receptacles have a powerful suction! A box of the correct color will be swept up by a receptacle if it passes by.

Boxes take time to be processed! You can't funnel too many boxes into the same receptacle, you'll have to split up the load to keep things flowing.

The game is a little rough around the edges because I wasn't able to start until halfway through compo, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

Changes Since Submission:

- Fixed mouse input not working after the game is resized

- Winning allows factory to run forever

- Splitters are a little more useful

- Small visual tweak to help identify reason of loss

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AuthorVivian Mochi
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