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The last tree stands in the sacred grove. We shall call her the "Mother Tree"

We will help spread her roots to nourish her, gathering both water and nutrients.

We must monitor our reserves carefully. Sunlight is used to learn, water to defend, and nutrients to build.

After gathering enough sunlight and resources, we shall sprout life from these roots.

Come nightfall, the spirits will come to claim Mother's life. We will stop them.

Finding shrines throughout the grove will let us learn how to grow new and helpful life.

Eventually, we will find the 3 ritual towers and empower them to keep the grove safe.


W A S D - Movement

Left Click (on grass / resource plots) - Plant roots

Left Click (on roots / plants) - Open info pane

Right Click - Quick close info pane

Right Click (on roots) - Kill roots

Z - Speed up time (only during the day)


- Make sure you establish roots on nutrients first, you'll need more nutrients to make new roots.

- You need to connect your roots to a shrine before you can use it

- Make sure you experiment with different plant types.

- The amount of attacking spirits is double the current day number. Make sure you have enough water and defending plants to hold back large waves.

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AuthorVivian Mochi
TagsLudum Dare 46
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Grove Guardian 1.0 (Ludum Dare Edition) 3 MB
Grove Guardian 1.5 (Post-Jam Version) 5 MB

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I hope this someday is macOS friendly


This is the game I needed right now.


stunning. I love it.


This game rules, I am completely in love with it. I would be extremely into an expanded version.


Delightful, relaxing rts. I managed to save the grove in 16 days is that good?


I took 24 days, so you did better than I did. I was messing around trying to cover every resource spot on the map.