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You are a robot FILLED with bombs, and you're trying to climb a very fragile tower. Thanks to your incredible armor, getting hit won't hurt you, but it will set off one of your bombs! Use your bombs wisely, as damage to the tower will only make it harder to climb, and falling through the bottom floor means game over! Don't worry though, you can also bomb jump over pits and walls with enough skill.

Floor 5 is the final floor, and tokens are just to keep track of your kills (I didn't finish upgrades in time).

Move - WASD / Arrow Keys
Shoot Gun - Left Click
Throw Bomb - Right Click / E
Jump / Use Lift - Spacebar / Shift
Fullscreen - F11

Hope you enjoy!

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AuthorVivian Mochi
TagsLudum Dare 49
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It Crumbles (Update 2) 7 MB

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Great game, however i feel like the difficulty curve is super steep, but then again, the game is very random.

On the other hand, the visuals and sounds are fantastic, love the particles, and what you did with the Adaptive music was genius (its really cool to see games use this technique). Well done.


Thanks so much! The difficulty is definitely bonkers because I didn't get to playtest much during the jam, but hopefully that's something I can improve on for a post-jam version! And I'm really glad you love the aesthetics! I LOVE doing adaptive music in my games, so it's always awesome to have someone appreciate it :P